What is Capital Foodservice Take Home?
Capital Foodservice Take Home is a new addition to Capital Foodservice enabling us to provide you online purchases for Cash and Carry Pickup.

Why are the quantities so large?
We are a wholesale foodservice distributor meaning we sell food and supplies in bulk (our employees routinely buy the large cases and split amongst family and friends).

Why is the pricing so different from a grocery store?
Due to the nature of the food business, grocery stores will be more cost-effective on some lines while foodservice will be priced more competitively on others

Can we buy a partial case?
In order to offer competitive pricing we are selling in Full case lots with the exception of selected Confectionery products.

What does “CT” refer to?
This is how foodservice measures how many items per pound. For example, a breakfast sausage that has “10 CT” in the description means that there are approximately 10 sausages per pound.